Cal-Xelerator invests up to $100,000 into four startups three times a year. The most promising companies that emerge from our 108 Day Launch Bootcamp will be invited into our 5 year Cal-Xelerator Stars business accelerator program.

108 Day Launch Bootcamp Program

The Cal-Xelerator hosts three Launch Bootcamps per year, each consisting of four hand-picked startup companies. Each Launch Bootcamp is an intensive 108 day program where entrepreneurs are guided by seasoned Cal-X mentors who bring to bear their network of investors, partners, service providers, and most importantly, potential customers. Each Bootcamp class is encouraged to comprehensively understand the challenges of their fellow classmates and to work collaboratively holding each other accountable for meeting milestones. This not only ensure the success of the entire class, it provides alternative resources Cal-X startups can leverage when they are experiencing break-out growth. We provide mentoring in all areas of business development including; business model, pitch deck, business plan, company video, web site, social media marketing, software prototype development, patenting strategy, microlicensing, crowdfunding campaign development, movement development, sales and distribution strategies, digital marketing, product development, team building, advisory board development, trade show strategy and implementation, blog development and content. Companies may work from their homes or any of our suggested co-working spaces, however there is a mandatory weekly meeting of all bootcamp companies.

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Cal-Xelerator Stars – 5 Year Business Accelerator

Cal-Xelerator Stars is a 5 year program for the top companies coming out of our 108 day Cal-Xelerator Launch Bootcamp program. The Cal-X eco-system of vetted mentors, investors and service providers ensure the our portfolio companies receive the guidance and support they need durning the most critical value-building stage of growth: Conducting research & development, patent filings, and/or clinical trials.

Cal-Xelerator is the only business accelerator program affiliated with the The California Stock Xchange creating the path for future public offerings.

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Develop new businesses
We work with founders on their ideas, as well as conceive our own ideas in-house – then we assemble talent and teams to create new companies. We start with analyzing each company thoroughly and we provide a 15 page report identifying strengths and weaknesses. The report concludes with a Probability of Survival Score. Based on this analysis we provide to the company a 5 year mentoring and funding road map.
Assist emerging companies
Cal-X Stars goes longer and further than any other business accelerator in assisting companies to grow. Our program is a 5 year program where we intensively help with all aspects of company development as a working co-founder and partner. This help extends through all phases of growth including product design, team building, management systems, innovation processes, web site development, business strategy, business development, fund raising and marketing and PR.
The Only Accelerator Registering to become a Full Fledge Stock Exchange
Cal-X Stars is a unit of Cal-X The California Stock Exchange which is the process of registration with the SEC. Cal-X has the goal to be the third major stock exchange in the USA serving as a feeder to NASDAQ and NYSE. Cal-X will have special rules to favor small companies. No short trading, no day trading, sell orders 10% under market price have up to 90 days to be executed, every listed company is supported by Cal-X services to increase their chance of success. Every listed company has comprehensive research analysis and an endorsing investor with experience in the related field.