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Cal-Xelerator Stars 5 Year Accelerator Funded Companies
Inspirational books, movies and music – GET INSPIRED!
Autobiographies of Disney, Edison, Jobs and more. Spiritual texts that bring joy to your heart.
Goal = Lift peoples spirits to do the most with their lives.
Charity vacations and packages to help raise funds for charities
Goal = Encourage people to spend their vacation time giving to people in need fun adventures to be purchased at charitable event auctions = raising money for those in need.
Helping small companies, musicians, writers, artists and film makers to raise funds to pursue their dreams. Helping investors find the next great opportunity.
Goal = 23 million new jobs in a decade. Helping lift the spirit of people and energizing them to be full of joy each day by allowing them to pursue their dreams.
Helping small businesses get a good start at less cost.
Goal = 6000 new businesses launched in the next decade. 75% success rate.
Hello friends! I believe in fostering self-esteem through creative self-expression. Our philosophy is inclusive, and respectful of our planet. We use existing fabrics and materials. We now have stores at Disneyland in Anaheim, Fred Segal Santa Monica, 1010 Montana Avenue in Santa Monica, and at 24 Easy Street on Nantucket. Come on in and design your own! See you in Fashion Camp.
Fashion camp for girls and fashion clothes, books and CDs stores
Goal = Use the draw of interest in fashion to teach women’s entrepreneurship and empowerment. Help people that cannot afford fashion to afford it.
Fine wine brokerage specializing in assisting small boutique wineries in Sonoma
Goal = Give the struggling small boutique winery that is ignored by the big distributors a chance to benefit from world class sales and marketing. Preserve family vineyards.
A public policy institute for supporting the causes of entrepreneurs and educators.
Goals = Revive the world economy by promoting the financing of entrepreneurs. A non-polarizing political movement. Kindheart Lionheart plan = Kindheart stands for compassion. Lionheart for courage and economic growth.
www.winecountrybaseball.comMinor league and collegiate baseball league – 12 teams and expanding. Affordable family entertainment for Sonoma County. Development league for young players.Goals = Help families that cannot afford to go to MLB games in Sonoma County to experience good old fashioned baseball. Help develop players for MLB. Help raise monies for local charities and community causes.

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Stem cell compositions and methods for heart repair. The Go To technology partner for heart failure specialists and their patients.
Goals = Heart failure is the leading economic burden in the U.S. healthcare system costing nearly $80 billion. Heart Failure will be the cause of death for nearly 13 million people over the next 5 years. We seek to cut this in half.
A Cafe promotion company. We take over a Cafe for a night and line up a series of artists for entertainment and use eCommerce tools to drive attendance.
Goals = Help give struggling artists a chance. Provide great entertainment to customers. Raise monies for local charitable causes related to the arts.
Neighborhood family comfort food restaurants.
Goals = Great food. Great service. A magical disney like customer experience. A feeling of being the hometown favorite gathering spot. Community members.
Fine Sonoma County red wines. Preserving some of the most beautiful majestic view land in all of California.
Goal = Use wine sales and donations to auctions to raise money for charitable and community causes. Support local sports. smiles
Dolphin Smiles: The Legend of Kindheart Lionheart
An inspirational tale and love story. Provides spiritual and entrepreneurial life lessons. We hope to make into an inspiring movie.
Goals = Motivate people to maintain childlike enthusiasm for life throughout their lives.
Coming Soon. Test Prep Vids quick phone ap to download and view short 3 to 15 minute videos online that students can view right before taking a test to help them prepare and do better on the test.

Radio Santa Monica USA and Radio Veronica USA seek to play music that is not being aired anywhere else. We have the willingness to explore and take risks to lead to the world in breaking new art

The world’s first heart failure pacemaker designed to recruit stem cells to the heart and regenerates damaged muscle. Product line includes electrical stimulation for wound healing and improving blood flow in peripheral limbs. Three issued U.S. patents, two to Howard J. Leonhardt, include pioneering claim for signal to convert stem cells to heart muscle.

The world’s first and only bra designed to recruit stem cells to breast tissue to augment size and shape naturally with no surgery. A person’s own stem cells are recruited by a homing signal.

Welcome to The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show. Kindheart stands for compassion. Lionheart for courage and economic growth. We cover stories of courageous people that are leading the conscience capitalism movement of “doing well by doing good”. Airing every Thursday at 6pm PST, 9pm EST worldwide on and other stations.


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Startup California

University of Florida Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Florida International University Center for Entrepreneurship

University of Northern California Science and Technology Innovation Center

Anoka Technical College Leonhardt Institute of Enterepreneurship (in development)

Cell Therapy Foundation

Dan Marino Foundation and Childrens Hospital

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Sidewalk Angels Foundation

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Dolphin Tank Panel California Womens Conference

Women 2.0 California

Startup Weekend

Cross Campus

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