Cal-Xelerator Mission

Cultivate an eco-system of like-minded Entrepreneurs, Mentors, Investors and solution providers that establish Silicon Beach as the hottest hot bed of startups surpassing Silicon Valley.

How we plan to do it!

1.  We are the only business accelerator tied through ownership to The California Stock Exchange in registration process with the SEC to become a full fledged stock exchange.
2.  We have assembled the all star team to lead $5 million direct public offerings.  The California Stock Exchange plans to launch a listing service for DPOs early next year.
3.  We believe we have the best team assembled for leading crowdfunding campaigns.
4.  Our associations with The California Women’s Conference, Chic CEO, Startup Weekend, Tech.Co, VatorSplash, Vator Google Ventures Startup Sessions, Dolphin Tank, Startup California, Empact 1000 and Crowdfunding Bootcamp position us ideally to growth especially with women.  Women are opening up businesses twice as fast as men.  Women own 48% of private businesses but only accessed less than 5% of capital up until now.  Cal-X is positioning to lead the work to close this gap.  Women respond well to our long term nurturing strategy modeled after the weekend getaways Dolphin Tank Panels, but longer term.
5.  We have the most comprehensive analysis system on company’s business plans with
6.  We are experts in modern forms of financing such as microlicensing, microloans, customer loyalty stock plans and social media for equity plans.
7.  In the modern age all companies our media companies.  LA is the media capital of the world and we are based here with our headquarters for good reason.
8.  We have a dozen co-working spaces, incubators and complimentary accelerators within walking and biking distance to our headquarters.
9.  Our satellite locations of San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, Petaluma and Santa Rosa position us for growth.
10.  Our co-founders Steve Beauregard and Howard Leonhardt have decades of experience leading startups. Howard is hosting the Crowdfund! TV Show (network or cable), The Lions Den online TV Show and The Kindheart Lionheart Radio Show providing opportunities for exposure for our companies.
11.  Howard Leonhardt is a co-leader of StartupCalifornia
12.  Howard Leonhardt is Chairman of The Entrepreneurship Party a Public Policy Institute since 2006.
13.  We have a model where we help companies get quickly a product to market that serves the same core customer group it plans to serve later with a more grand product that takes more time and money to develop.  We focus on getting companies self reliant quick.
14.  We have a great network of mentors and service providers.
15.  Our focus on social good, local investing and entrepreneurship nurturing fits with the times.


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